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Are you ready to earn your way to fun and adventure?

You’re in the right place.  Every year the Northeast Illinois Council Popcorn Sale helps our Scouts earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to directly support their unit’s activities and programs. It also helps our Council maintain our existing programs and develop new offerings for our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers. This year we’ve added more incentives, more fun, and more popcorn!

When your Scout sells popcorn, they aren’t just selling delicious treats to friends, family, and neighbors; they are actively selling the many benefits of our Scouting programs, and the popcorn is a gift to show appreciation. Here, we have information to help make your sale easy, successful, and rewarding. Click on the bucket above to begin!

Take Order Sale Begins August 8th. Show and sell popcorn sales begin September 7th!

Do you need help with your sale or have questions? Contact our Popcorn Team now!